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In the midst of this holiday season, are you one who decorates inside and out creating a home festooned with garlands and lights from every doorframe and fencepost?  Or are you a minimalist who gives your unique nod to the season with a small display?  Or are you somewhere in between?

I love the decorations of this season! I am always glad to put them up and sad to take them down.

However, I recall a year where I hardly had the energy to drag the tubs and boxes upstairs let alone unpack them. 

This reluctance could be true for any one of us. A death in the family, a significant stress related to work or illness, or a transition in our lives of any sort can change the way we feel about holiday decorating. Being in the midst of a big move or downsize for yourself or for a relative moving to a smaller home or care-home may mean that you just don’t feel like decorating.  

For those of us feeling this way, here are two ideas to honour the season with a little less stress and clutter.

Think grand decorations that make a powerful statement. One or two large holiday decorations are easier to put up and take down than many small ones. Hang a wreath on your wall or the inside of your door with your favourite decorations. Or create just one corner or small tabletop with your favourite seasonal symbols. 

Alternatively, choose just one decoration that doesn’t have to be stored in January. Consider a wreath of fresh boughs, a large silver or glass tray that holds several candles on your coffee table, or evergreen branches from your garden placed in a large glass vase with red and white carnations. Might you treat yourself to one beautiful floral arrangement?

Whatever your circumstance, may the beauty of your decor help to inspire Hope and Peace within you this holiday season!