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Valley Home Transitions


What I do


My name is Catherine Barnsley and over the past two decades I have been assisting individuals and families transition to smaller more manageable homes. I know that downsizing can be an emotional and difficult process. I specialize in helping you break down what can feel like daunting, overwhelming tasks into manageable pieces. 

Working together with you and your family, I create a purposeful downsizing plan to distribute household items and family treasures. My compassionate, respectful and professional approach is non-judgemental and focuses on the needs of each individual and their situation.


I work together with people who are transitioning from larger homes to smaller homes or to a care facility. I call this DOWNSIZING.  Others need to transition from a cluttered home to a clutter-free home in preparation to sell or for your own enjoyment. I call this RIGHTSIZING. In addition, I will help to organize the estate of a loved one at a pace that suits you. I call this ESTATE ORGANIZING.

I focus on making your home transition stress-free. 


Catherine was able to come up with a simple system that made our downsizing task seem possible while honouring cherished memories.
— Sue B.

My Commitment


My commitment is to provide you and your family with confidential, non-judgemental listening to help create a customized downsizing plan that truly fits your needs. I will sensitively honour the emotions that come with these moves, the sentimental attachments we have, and the unease that can come with the distribution of the things we need to let go.