Together with Catherine, our family came up with a plan for settling our Aunt in her new home. Catherine helped select items specific to our Aunt’s modest new space including her own paintings, cherished photographs and memorabilia. Our Aunt was truly thrilled!
— Elizabeth J.



How it works when you are Downsizing to a smaller home:

•      SUGGESTING - Helping you decide what to take to your new home, and suggesting how other items can be appropriately distributed to family, friends and community organizations. 

•      DE-CLUTTERING & SORTING - Helping you decide what items fit your life and organize what can be sold, donated or given way. 

•     PREPARING - Preparing itemized lists to share with family members, organizing the packing of boxes and labelling items for sale, charitable donation or recycling. 

•      COMMUNICATING -  Helping you communicate with local or far-flung family members about distributing items in a family home.

•     MAKING IT HAPPEN - Turning the page in your life and helping you settle into your new home with all the items you care most about in the right places.