Q: Is it expensive?

The first hour is free and I am happy to meet with anyone to discuss their situation and what steps can be taken to create a transition plan. 

Q: Do you consult at a distance by phone, Skype or FaceTime?

Yes, any of these. 

Q: Do you clear items out of homes? 

I do not physically remove items from people’s homes. However, I can make suggestions of who could do that once items are packed or organized and ready to move.

Q: Do you have any references?

I am happy to share my references with you, I am also a member of: Professional Organizers in Canada   https://www.organizersincanada.com

Q: How many times have you done this?

I have recently made this work my primary career. However, my transition work has supported hundreds of people and families during my lifetime.

Q: We are very private people and don’t want everyone knowing our business. Is your service confidential?

Confidentiality is paramount to me. 

 Q: Will you get me the best prices on movers?

I will provide you with three comparative options so that you can decide on a mover. The best price is not always the best option, but must be the right one for you. 

Q: Do you move furniture?

I do not move furniture, but I am able to coordinate professional movers that will gladly move your cherished belongings without harm.