How it works when you are Rightsizing your current home:


•     SUGGESTING - Going through your home and helping you take a second look at the items that fill your space.

•     DE-CLUTTERING & SORTING - Helping you decide what items fit your life and organize what can be sold, donated or given way. 

•      PREPARING - Packing up items for their new destinations including working with you to develop a list of charitable organizations that will take some of your items. 

•     COMMUNICATING - Communicating with family, friends or charitable organizations to arrange pick up and drop off times.

•     MAKING IT HAPPEN - Turning the page in your life and helping you settle into your new life of living in a right-sized home.

I was overwhelmed by the accumulation of many years of living in a large house. I wanted to divest of ‘stuff’ so I began phone conversations with Catherine. With her thoughtful listening skills and gentle humour she helped me focus my concerns and find do-able ways to tackle this daunting task. She was encouraging and non-judgemental, offered practical solutions, and respected my values while she supported me in this work.
— Susan S.