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Where did 2018 go? Just last week the leaves were turning! And now we are two weeks from 2019! 

Once again, my too grandiose plans for 2018 did not materialize. So much for that downsizing project in the basement. I need to put it off for another year.

Except for one project that I am doing today. Now!

Confession: I am a huge collector of info TO READ LATER. I have the unrealistic belief that some day, I will get at that accumulating pile of marvellous items that I have saved to read. Torn from magazines, dropped off by a neighbour, or printed from the internet, and onto the ever-growing pile it goes. 

Now what do I have?  A clothes-basket of unread paper that I am determined to let go before I sing Auld Lang Syne one more time.

This December my approach to moving that pile is to believe that if something is important in my life, it will come around again!  

My experience is that if I am meant to learn something or meet someone or have a particular experience, I will receive the opportunity to do so again if I miss out the first time. 

This philosophy is the only way that I can keep my reading piles to a minimum knowing that each day more accumulation comes through my door or into my inbox or newsfeed. 

What does this mean for my pile of unread, but oh so enticing items from the past year?

I offer myself two options:

1. Slide the whole pile into the recycling bin or electronic trash and trust that something just as good or better will come around in 2019, or

2. Allow myself what I call my “Game of 10”.  I take one hour standing at the kitchen table to go through the pile. The rule is that I can save a maximum of 10 items. I am concerned that maybe — just maybe — an important document might have landed in that pile. I want to make certain that I save any valuable items before the lid of the recycle bin opens, and the pile disappears forever. 

The game rule is 10, and I don’t allow myself to cheat.  Within that hour, those up to 10 saved items also need an action plan. The recipe will be tested tomorrow or the back exercise will be done faithfully this week. 

What are the piles lounging in your life?  Saved videos on your phone to watch sometime?  Websites that you want to explore when you have five minutes? Or the resources from a conference you attended two years ago?

Will you join me in a mighty shedding of one pile? Then let’s anticipate 2019 believing that what we are meant to see and do will come around again!