The Motivation of One Clear Surface

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September 1 -- the start of a new year!  For many of us, there are two New Year’s Days — January 1 and September 1. That September day harkens back to our school days whether or not we now have children in school. We remember new notebooks, new classmates, new possibilities! 

Beginning anew can have just as much impact in our adult years.  This is a great time to continue our organizing or downsizing projects that took a vacation this summer.

A friend dropped by and said: “Where do I even begin? Each room in my house needs some downsizing and I feel overwhelmed”.

We are all motivated with the success of a small project that can energize us to tackle bigger projects.

I suggest she choose one flat surface in her house that is covered with “stuff". The kitchen counter, a chair by the door, a bedside table, or whatever flat surface in her house causes her the most stress. For me, that would be an old washstand just inside the front entrance. 

 Take half an hour and organize one flat surface in three steps:

1. Assess what on that surface no longer fits with your current September 2019 lifestyle. Outdated magazines? Juice boxes way too far past their best before date?  The food processor you borrowed from Mom? As you recycle or return these items, ask yourself where in your home you will find other items just like these ones. Make a plan to excavate those items and get them out of the house. 

2. Assess what on that surface needs to be put away in an organized space?  Does a pantry need to be organized?  Do you need to create a file for bills to be filed? Schedule time to do just that. 

3. Commit to keeping that one surface clear each day. When is your best time to spend five minutes clearing space?  First thing in the morning? Right after your evening meal? Before you go to bed?  Consider placing a beautiful object such as fresh flowers, a photo, or ornament on that surface to remind you to clear it. 

Remember that the task is not only to keep that surface clear each day. It is also about intentionally looking at what collects there that needs to be downsized or organized in your life. 

The spaciousness and beauty of one clear surface that we can appreciate on a daily basis can inspire us to keep on truckin’ through other organizing and downsizing projects. 

Need help with your organizing and downsizing challenges? I offer confidential and non-judgmental help. Scroll down to find how to contact me. Thank you!