Today is Thanksgiving Monday — a day that Canadians give Thanks and express Gratitude for the goodness in our lives.

Expressing Gratitude can also be a significant part of downsizing, rightsizing and estate organizing.

During those times, I have found it helpful to have a Gratitude Chair. Such a chair is a place of calm in the midst of the fray of sorting, decision-making and chaos where one can sit, have a cup of tea, breathe deep and take a break from the task at hand.  A Gratitude Chair can be especially helpful during estate sorting or downsizing for a parent or older friend when work or emotions may overwhelm us.

What does a Gratitude Chair look like?  For me, it is a designated chair that during the sorting time is not used for any other purpose except to sit and be grateful. It is clear of stacked items or To Do lists. A side table may contain a potted plant or bouquet of flowers, a lovely mug or teapot, and a small notebook.  The chair might face a window so that when you sit there, you can gaze upon something other than the organizing project from which you have taken a temporary leave.

The notebook on the side table could be a Gratitude Journal — a place where we take time each day of the downsizing or organizing to write a few lines of appreciation. A Google search of “gratitude journal” will yield many suggestions of how to approach gratitude journalling.

Perhaps we all could benefit from a Gratitude Chair whether or not we are downsizing, rightsizing or estate organizing. Where might you find yours? 

Happy Thanksgiving!