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What’s the key to start my New Year’s resolutions about downsizing and organizing?  I heard several versions of that question over the holiday season. 

I learned awhile ago that one-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to downsizing!  Personality, motivations and circumstances all impact how we best start and keep downsizing resolutions.

What method or key is going to unlock consistent downsizing possibilities for you? 

For some, successful downsizing happens in incremental steps. For others, the giant step of a larger effort using bursts of energy works better. 

For those who feel generally organized but have too much stuff, the key may be to let go of one item per day to equal 365 items a year. Or incremental shedding for five minutes a day may be the key that opens the door for you. 

For others who feel as though they have way too much clutter or are facing a move,  a more sweeping or wide-ranging approach may be the answer. One of the methods below may be the key to kick-start your resolution. 

  • Start by taking everything out of a closet or cupboard, and return only what you need or want to keep. Check out Where to Begin Downsizing: Boxes for Many Directions OR

  • Designate a particular time period each week to downsize. Consider a maximum of two hours at a time for a physically or emotionally demanding sort; OR

  • Plan to tackle one room a month. On the first day of that month, write into your calendar what days this downsizing will occur. Make appointments with yourself. 

These options invite you to consider who you are. How do you work best? What are your motivations for downsizing? What is realistic in your life right now? How can you make this fun?  Who are your cheerleaders who will encourage you along?

Choose an option and try it for some time. If it works, you have found your key!  If it doesn’t, what other method might work for you?

I’m on my way to my eight bookshelves to do a major cull so I can deliver approximately 50% of the contents by January 15 to an upcoming book-sale.  I work best with two-hour sessions and within a timeframe.

Others may have a different approach including removing just one book a day from your collection.

What’s the key that works for you?