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Marie Kondo. Does that name ring a bell?  

You may have heard Kondo's name on a talk-show, watched her on Netflix or YouTube, read about her on Facebook, or spotted The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in your favourite bookstore or library.  

Marie Kondo is a Japanese home organizing sensation whose minimalist methods of downsizing are front and centre in various media.  

Kondo asks “Does it spark JOY?” as she encourages everyone to touch each item in their home. If the response is no, it is time to thank the item and let it go.  That question plus her methods of organizing (folding clothing & bedding) and downsizing (by category) have inspired thousands. 

It is ironic and predictable that Kondo and her "Konmari Method" arrived on Netflix on January 1, 2019 — just in time for the big clean-up from the holiday season.

Kondo who has many happy clients also has her critics. Her methods do not work for everyone. 

Whether you are a supporter or detractor, this question remains: 

Why do some of us have so much stuff?

No judgement.

I repeat, no judgement.

Those of us that feel we have too much stuff have our reasons for our collections,  and it is never our place to judge others.

I can speak only for myself.

* I am a grandchild of the 1930s prairie drought and depression. My grandparents and parents kept everything. A two-inch piece of string, an odd nail, a well-used paper-bag. And they saved months and years to purchase special items for their families. 

* I can be seduced by inexpensive goods from China.  I have more clothespins, gift bags, and plastic storage containers than I could use in two lifetimes.

* I am fortunate to have children and teens in my life who love craft supplies, dress-up clothes, books and games.

* I am sentimental.  I love souvenirs of past events: family gatherings, reunions of old friends, reminders of past careers and colleagues.

AND the bottom line is this: At some point, someone is going to have to clean out MY stuff. Unless, my stuff is recycled, regifted, repurposed or reused by someone else, my stuff will end up in the landfill.  

In my own significant downsizing, I ask myself: 
* As I let items go OUT, what (if any) items need to come IN?  
* What impact is my consumerism having on the world’s finite resources and overloaded landfills? 
* What "sparks JOY" in the abundance that I already have?

These are my questions for this week. What are yours?