What does Rightsizing one's home mean? And who is doing it?

Rightsizing means reducing what is in one’s home as you prepare to move or so that you can stay where you are and enjoy your home more!

Rightsizers are any of us who:

* have experienced a family transition and wish to mark the shift or significant event by changing or organizing our home in a variety of ways.  This transition could be the result of an adult child moving out, a change in job or retirement, or a death in the family.

* are suddenly tired of buying the same item a fourth time because we can’t find the other three identical items amid our clutter!

* feel that clutter or too much stuff is affecting our emotional or physical well-being.

* recognize that we have "moved on" or “moved through” a challenging time in our life. We are ready to de-clutter and organize to reflect a changed emotional or psychological state. This could be letting go of a dream about work or family that we now accept won’t come to fruition. It could mean letting go of items that support or represent a former career.

* plan to move homes and want to kick-start the process by de-cluttering and letting go.

* are weary of consumerism and are ready to make a fresh start of intentionally making do with less and repurposing unused items that still have value.

* have cleared many items from a parent’s home and don’t want to have our executors be burdened with similar work. 

* want to encourage our growing children to share toys and clothes of their younger years with other children younger than themselves.

Do you find yourself in any of these scenarios? If so, join me by following my weekly blog about letting go, rightsizing and downsizing, and finding yourself enjoying your home more! Until next week!