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As I help people downsize and rightsize their homes, or sort through estate items,  I often hear: “I keep that for special occasions” or ‘We use those dishes only once a year” or “Those were my Dad’s tools. I don’t ever use them as I might damage them."

One of the best inspirational sayings that I have heard in the work I do is:

"Don't Ever Save Anything for a Special Occasion - Being Alive is the Special Occasion"

Any one of us who has had a health scare or accompanied someone through a serious health diagnosis may quickly come to appreciate those words. Suddenly  — time can feel finite. The future is unknown. 

We have this day — that’s all we know for sure. 

Being alive IS the special occasion.

What items are in your cupboards or on your workbench that you save for a ’special occasion’?  How might you enjoy them now?

For some of us who are older, we may decide to use every day the family china or tools that were given to us. Perhaps it's time to let the every-day stuff go.

For those of us who are younger, we may be juggling a busy family life with work and volunteer activities, and are thankful for utilitarian items that can be tossed in the dishwasher or take the rough-and-tumble of family life. 

However — is there any way that you might use the "special items” more regularly?  How about once a week for Sunday supper? Or the occasional Kids’ Tea Party using Gram's china tea cups, or using Grandad’s tools for a school project?  The latter is a wonderful way for children to learn about an older relative.

As we think about the ordinary days of November,  I invite you to take up the challenge of using with gratitude the beautiful or valuable or rare items in your home or garage. Savour the goodness, delight in the feel of them, remember their story. Enjoy them!  

And if you aren’t using some of those items by the end of the holiday season two months from now, is it time to let them go?  

What are the rarely used items in your life that you might use today —  this special day of being alive?